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One of The Best:Foshan WanJiaHong Stainless Steel Group WANJIAHONG > News One of the Best: Foshan WanJiaHong Stainless Steel Group Introduction North China, East China, South China are the three major industrial agglomerations. Located in the coastal areas, the agglomerations have an advantage over raw material imports. Also, these areas compose the biggest stainless steel consumption market. Gradually, south China has been the core place of the Chinese stainless steel industry. From the perspective of stainless steel, there is no doubt that Guangdong province has a more significant position than other provinces in South China. For the geographical condition, a fluid of stainless steel producers seizes the opportunities, rising from the bottom. In this article, we will introduce some well-known stainless steel enterprises in Guangdong province, including Foshan Wanjiahong Stainless steel Group, Guangdong Weilian stainless steel group, and others. Hope this article can help you have a basic understanding of the Guangdong stainless industry. {{ vc_btn: title=Click+here+to+see+WJH+products&shape=round&color=primary&align=left& }} 1.Haili stainless steel group Founded in 1991, Haili is a joint-stock private enterprise. Covering an area of 17,500 square meters, it boasts fixed assets of 22 million yuan, 230 employees, and an annual output value of over 100 million yuan. From 1999-2001,…
10 Trustworthy Chinese Stainless Steel Manufacturers WANJIAHONG > News Introduction Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials, partly taking place of normal steel and iron. Moreover, the application of stainless steel has achieved a great result in many areas. Under this circumstance, more and more people put their eyes on the stainless steel industry. As the largest manufacturer of stainless steel , China is attracting people’s attention , so do the Chinese stainless steel manufacturers. Through this article, we will share some information about Stainless steel. Besides, you can have a basic knowledge of Chinese stainless steel manufacturers and the Chinese market. Main types of stainless steel stainless steel {{ vc_btn: title=Know+More+About+WJH+Products&color=primary&align=center& }} 304 stainless steel As a kind of widely used steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, stable strength in low temperature, excellent thermal processability. Without heat treatment hardening phenomenon and magnetism, the application temperature ranges from minus 193 degrees to 800 degrees. Application: tableware, kitchenware, water heater, boiler, auto parts, medical equipment, food machinery, wine storage, pressure vessel (chemical machinery, chemical equipment). 304L Stainless Steel As one kind of 304 steel, 304L has a low carbon content. In normal conditions, its corrosion resistance…

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