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Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials, partly taking place of normal steel and iron. Moreover, the application of stainless steel has achieved a great result in many areas. Under this circumstance, more and more people put their eyes on the stainless steel industry. As the largest manufacturer of stainless steel , China is attracting people’s attention , so do the Chinese stainless steel manufacturers. Through this article, we will share some information about Stainless steel. Besides, you can have a basic knowledge of Chinese stainless steel manufacturers and the Chinese market.

Main types of stainless steel

304 stainless steel

As a kind of widely used steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, stable strength in low temperature, excellent thermal processability. Without heat treatment hardening phenomenon and magnetism, the application temperature ranges from minus 193 degrees to 800 degrees.

Application: tableware, kitchenware, water heater, boiler, auto parts, medical equipment, food machinery, wine storage, pressure vessel (chemical machinery, chemical equipment).

304L Stainless Steel

As one kind of 304 steel, 304L has a low carbon content. In normal conditions, its corrosion resistance is the same as that of 304 steel. However, after welding and stress elimination, it can maintain good corrosion resistance even without heat treatment. People normally use 304L steel under 400 degrees.

Application: petrochemical industry, building materials.

321 Stainless Steel

People add Ti element into 304 steel to create 321 steel, which is able to prevent intergranular corrosion. 321 steel is fit to the temperature from 430 to 900 degrees. For the addition of Ti element, 321 steel is not suitable for the food processing equipment.

Purpose: automobile exhaust, heat exchanger, container, and other products without heat treatment after welding

309S/310S Stainless Steel

corrosion resistance

When it comes to the 309S/310S steel, the content of nickel and chromium are relatively high. At the same time, the content of the Si element is increased, so that it has high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Among them, 309S can withstand repeated heating below 980 degrees. The application temperatures of 310S can reach 1200 degrees, and the continuous service temperature can up to 1150 degrees.

Application: electric equipment with high temperature, key components of dry equipment, furnace materials, aviation, petrochemical, electric power, etc.

200 Stainless Steel

The 200 series is similar to the 304 in economic price.

In terms of fatigue resistance, 304 steel is better than 201 steel. But 201 steel is greater than 304 steel in hardness.

Application: food processing utensils, kitchen equipment, food processing equipment, filters, milk cans, washing machine accessories, water heaters, steel furniture, architectural upholstery, decoration.

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Overview of 304 stainless steel sheet

201 stainless steel sheet | A detailed introduction

Why does stainless steel rust?

Maybe you will be curious about the heading? How ridiculous it is? That’s why I put this question in this article. This part of the content will provide the reasons and solutions to it.

There is a layer of stable chromium oxide film, which is thin but strong, serving as a protective film to prevent the oxygen atoms from infiltration and oxidation. This protective film is the reason why stainless steel can resist corrosion.

So it’s understandable that why does stainless steel rust. If the film is destroyed for some reason. Air or liquid neutral oxygen atoms will keep infiltrating, which forms iron oxide. Finally, the metal surface can be corroded.

reagent test

After we know the principle of such circumstance.

Three main factors are affecting stainless steel corrosion:

1. The content of alloying elements

generally speaking, about 10.5% of chromium can enable steel not easy to rust. The higher the content of chromium and nickel, the better the corrosion resistance. Take 304 stainless steel as an example. With 8-10% of nickel and 18-20% of chromium, it would not rust generally.

2. The external environment

A dry and ventilated environment is not easy to rust. Stainless steel is easy to rust in an environment with high air humidity, long-time cloudy and rainy weather, or an environment with large acidity and alkalinity.

3. The smelting process

The smelting process of the production enterprise will also affect the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Large-scale stainless steel factory with Top-class Smelting technology, advanced equipment, the advanced process of large stainless steel factory can do better in the control of alloy elements, the removal of impurities, billet cooling temperature control, so the product quality is stable and reliable. With good inherent quality, the products are not easy to rust. On the contrary, a manufacturer with backward equipment, the backward process can not fully remove impurities, so the products will inevitably rust.

The above circumstances can destroy the protective film on the surface of stainless steel, leading to corrosion. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, We provide three suggestions here.

1. Clean the surface regularly

You have better regularly clean and scrub the surface of stainless steel, remove attachments and eliminate the external factors that can cause corrosion.

When cleaning your stainless steel, be careful and use a non-abrasive tool. Soft cloths and plastic wipes will not damage the stainless steel surface. Of course, you can also use steel wool to clean it, but you should remember to wipe the surface in accordance with the manufacturer’s polishing mark. If the texture is not clear, then you have to be careful and wipe it with a soft cloth or plastic pad


2. Choose proper types of stainless steel

It would be better to choose 316 stainless steel in the seaside area because of the strong resistance to the corrosion of seawater 316 stainless steel has.

3. Quality of stainless steel

The chemical composition of some stainless steel pipes on the market can not meet the national standards and the material requirements of 304.

As the second and third point shown above, we need to carefully choose the products of reputable manufacturers

As to the manufacturers with reputation, Chinese stainless steel manufacturers worth our attention.

Many years ago, people thought that the products from China through affordable, the quality was lower than the international standard.

Nowadays, products from China can provide both high quality and acceptable prices. It is totally different from the condition before.

Development of Chinese stainless steel market


China produced 524,000 tons of stainless steel, accounting for only 2.8% of the world’s total stainless steel production of 18.43 million tons.


China produced 23.46 million tons of stainless steel, accounting for 55.6 percent of the world’s total stainless steel production of 42.2 million tons.

From January to June 2016

China’s stainless steel crude steel output was 12.38 million tons, up 8.6% year on year; During the same period, the export of stainless steel reached 1.8412 million tons, up 12.6% year on year. Imports of stainless steel in the same period were 329,500 tons, down 11.5% lower than that in 2015.


The Chinese stainless steel industry experienced a leaping development, From 2010, China’s export has greater than imports in the stainless steel industry. No matter the quantity, quality, or varieties, China has become a worldwide leading force for the development of the stainless steel industry.

A great number of Chinese stainless steel manufacturer with global influence has sprung up. The stainless steel capacity of China has achieved 30 million tons, and this number is still growing

All we get here is the development of the Chinese market, if you want to get more information about the global market, click here to read our previous article:

Stainless Steel Manufacturers in China

Chinese Stainless Steel Manufacturers

As the development of the Chinese stainless steel market over the past few years. Its no doubt that we can find a lot of Chinese stainless steel manufacturer which even earn their reputation on the world. Here are some well-known stainless steel manufacturers in China. If you want to buy stainless steel with high quality in bulk. These companies worth your consideration.

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

As an important stainless steel manufacturing enterprise in China, Baosteel stainless steel also is one of the world’s top ten stainless steel enterprises. The company has a complete set of ironmaking, steelmaking, hot rolling, cold rolling, and other world-class stainless steel production techniques. At present, it has two production bases in Fuzhou and Ningbo.

Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

As the leading enterprise in the Chinese stainless steel industry, the history of TISCO can be traced back to 1932. With sheet materials as its core business, TISCO is a large joint steel enterprise that has a pivotal position among the domestic and foreign counterparts. In 2017, TISCO produced 4.136,400 tons of stainless steel.

Tsingshan Holding Group

Founded in 1992, the company holds several subsidiary companies in Zhejiang Lishui, Fujian Fuan, Guangdong Yangjiang, and Indonesia, establishing four major production bases for Ni-Cr alloy smelting, stainless steel smelting, steel rolling.

Main products include stainless steel ingot, steel bar, plate, wire, seamless pipe, and so on. In 2017, Qingshan achieved 7.48 million tons of stainless crude steel output, ranking first in the world.

Beihai Chengde Stainless Steel Group

Jointly formed by Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group and Guangdong Foshan Chengde Special Steel Co., Ltd., the company’s operation covers the whole process from Lite nickel smelting to Ni-Cr alloy wide plate cold rolling products. Its production scale ranks top three among China’s stainless steel enterprises. At present, the company has an annual production capacity of 3.4 million tons of nickel-chromium alloy slab, 3 million tons of hot-rolled coil, 2.8 million tons of solid solution coil, and 1.2 million tons of cold-rolled coil. In 2017, the company produced 2.37 million tons of billets, 2.025 million tons of hot-rolled coils, and 826 million tons of cold-rolled coils.

Jiangsu Liankun stainless steel  co.,ltd

Located in Wuxi, which is near the Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Liankun stainless steel co.,ltd has various production lines, including stainless steel plate, stainless steel tube, stainless steel coil, stainless steel belt, stainless steel rods, stainless steel flat steel, stainless steel channel steel, angle steel and a series of stainless steel materials, stainless steel.

With a modern processing workshop and advanced equipment, the company can customize the stainless steels in different shapes according to the customers’ demand.

Jiangsu Liankun stays committed to the principle of “customer-first”, providing high-quality products, first-class service, and reasonable prices for a win-win outcome.

Hongyue stainless steel

Hongyue is a stainless steel group that is certified by ISO9001 in manufacturing stainless steel products. Based on Foshan-Guangzhou, which is also known as the town of stainless steel, Hongyue provides stainless steel products include stainless steel coil, sheet, pipe, tube, bar, wire, and others.

Founded in 1994, Hongyue began its career with sheet metal. Nowadays, Hongyue stainless steel is in the leading position of the Chinese stainless steel industry.

Most of the staff in  Hongyue have over 5 years of experience working in the stainless steel industry. For such reasons, the company can provide various products with stable quality and comprehensive services.

Through timely responding to the market trends, Hongyue stainless steel can always keep the leading position among all competitors. Besides, developing products that follow market trends can inject energy into the company. Meanwhile, Hongyue struggles to provide customers with reasonable prices, enabling the customers to be more competitive in their market.

Shanghai Metal  Cooperation

Founded in 1980, Shanghai Metal Corporation provides products that include stainless steel, machinery, containers, construction materials, mechanical products, electrical systems, and medical accessories. Founded in 1980. As one of the steel manufacturers well-respected in China, Shanghai Metal Cooperation stays committed to satisfying global customers’ demand. “Service, management and Craftsmanship” is the principle of their business.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Metal Group actively undertakes EPC contracting, subcontracting, and distribution of various projects and plays a key role in the international consultation for many investments and projects. With more than 100 engineers, covering such areas as machinery, civil engineering, hydropower, chemical, high pressure, and low-pressure electricity, SMC can handle problems in different areas. The company has a comprehensive team for translation. No need to worry about language problems when the project processes. No matter where the project is, in China or other areas of the world, SMC will help you finish the project smoothly.

Since the establishment of the Company, SMC has stayed committed to implementing the principles of cooperation, joint construction, and sharing.

SMC has cooperated with many parties to finish various projects, including building the Paspaley Centre in Darwin, Australia, building a Subway station in Nanning Shanghai, etc.

Jiangsu Steel Group

With over 20 years of experience in the stainless steel manufacture industry, Jiangsu Steel Group has won domestic and international customer recognition for its advanced production technology and reliable product quality. The company boasts two manufacturing plants and two processing factories, providing a satisfactory rate of output.  Two exporting departments have been placed in Shanghai to better serve customers. About 400 experienced staff who are pros in the stainless steel industry are working on the company. This professional team and advanced equipment ensure stable product quality, which is the reason why Jiangsu steel Group can achieve annual sales of 50 million line.

Specializing in stainless steel products,  Jiangsu Steel Group can produce stainless steel pipe, stainless steel bar, stainless steel strip, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel wire, and so on. The Stainless steel can be shaped as the clients want. The Grade of Stainless steel the company can provide include 416, 420F, 430F, SUS316L, 316 , 309,305,304, 304L, 303,302,310,310 S, 202,201 and others.

Ningbo Qiyi Precision Metals Co., Ltd(QIYI STAINLESS STEEL)

Located in Ningbo, a south-east city in China,  Ningbo Qiyi Precision Metals Co., Ltd(QIYI STAINLESS STEEL) is a leading stainless steel manufacturer, specializing in the production of precision stainless steel strips, coils, and sheets.

With the imported technology and equipment, including SENDZIMIR 20-roller precision cold rolling mill, vertical bright annealing line, horizontal annealing line, flattening and tempering machine, tension leveling machine, and many other sets of precision stainless steel professional production equipment, Qiyi Stainless steel have achieved an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons.

Founded in 2001, Qiyi  Stainless Steel is covering an area of 87,000 square meters in total now.

At present, the main products of the enterprise include 201, 301, 304, 304L, 310S, 316L, 430, and other stainless steel grades with thickness from 0.05mm to 1.0mm.

Qiyi has obtained an ISO 9001-2000 quality system certificate. Their products are widely used not only in China but also in the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, and America, and many fields.


With over 24 years of brilliant achievement, Wanjiahong, a company located in Foshan, has been recognized as a famous brand in the Chinese stainless steel business. The companies are equipped with advanced machines, such as 5 fully automatic flatten & slitting machines, 8 PVD color coating machines, 6 mirrors 8K polishing lines, 2 embossed lines, over 150 welding equipment, and 10 automatic packings.

Through the recruitment and its training, Wangjiahong has had a professional R&D team, enabling the company the handle various problems from the client.

On the other hand, with advanced equipment, Wanjiahong has successfully increased both efficiencies of output and quality of products.

The manufacturers we listed above are a small part of excellent stainless steel companies in China, We pick them as examples to provide an overview of the whole industry.


After reading this article,you may have a basic knowledge about the stainless steel industry.

We introduced different kinds of stainless steel and their applications, explained the reason why stainless steel can rust, and solutions to this problem.

Other than the products, we also provided information about the development of the Chinese stainless steel market and some outstanding Chinese stainless steel manufactures. Hope this article can help, send an email to us if you still have questions, we will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your reading!

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