Overall Condition of Stainless Steel Producer in China

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Overall condition of Stainless Steel Producer in China


Since the reform and opening up, 43 years witnesses what China has achieved in almost every area, Especially, China has made the rest of the world astonished for the achievement in the Physical infrastructure. One of the reasons for this is the improvement of building materials.

With the introduction of advanced equipment and improvement of technology, the Chinese stainless steel industry has entered into a booming period. Except for the state-owned giants, A great number of Stainless Steel producers sprout in China.  They have made a great contribution to the success China has in the stainless steel industry.

In this article, we will share some knowledge about Stainless steel producers in China: the route of development, and introduce some well-known stainless steel producers in China for reference.

Condition of Stainless Steel Producer in China

Before the Reform and Opening-up

As a high-end product in steel materials, stainless steel is mainly used in China’s national defense, aerospace, and petroleum, electric power, chemical, and other industrial fields, most of which are with strong corrosion or high temperature and other harsh environments. 1978- when the demand for stainless steel was only about 100,000 tons.

Around 1978, China’s stainless steel crude steel production is about 90,000 tons. The production process is mainly without the one-step method of furnace refining electric arc furnace. The vast majority of stainless steel products are 300 series austenitic steel, and before 1988 1Cr18Ni9Ti (321)   accounted for the most of austenitic stainless steel products. The total number of stainless steel grades in the heavy 20-52 and heavy 21-52 standards are only 23, of which 6 are ferritic, 5 are martensitic, and the remaining 12 are austenitic.

After the Reform and Opening-up

After the reform and opening-up, China’s stainless steel consumption areas continue to expand. The scale of stainless steel consumption is growing, creating important market conditions for the development of China’s stainless steel industry.

Investment and construction of the Light industry and heavy industry lead to the demand for stainless steel industrial equipment.

Gradually, the field of consumption expanded to more areas. In 2002, China surpassed the United States and Japan, becoming the world’s largest stainless steel consumption market.

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After the 1990S

With the apparent growth of China’s stainless steel consumption since the 1990S, the Chinese stainless steel industry was hard to satisfy people’s demand in the quality, quantity, and varieties of stainless steel, especially in cold-rolled sheets area. Such conditions result in a large number of imports, even smuggling from 1995 to the end of the 20th century. In 2005, China’s stainless steel imports reached a record high of more than 3.13 million tons.

Driven by bright market prospects and the policies of reform and development, state-owned, private, and foreign capital actively invest in the Chinese stainless steel industry.

Early 1997, the State Planning Commission, Economic, and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Metallurgy jointly set up a stainless steel research group for market research, and made  “Ninth Five-Year Plan” for stainless steel industry development and the Visionary plan to 2010, encouraging the State-run enterprises to invest in stainless steel.

Since the founding of the country, state-run special steel enterprises have long been the mainstay of domestic stainless steel production.

At present, TISCO, Baosteel, JISCO, Anshan Steel, Beihai Chengde, Liugang and other state-owned (holding) enterprises are still important Stainless steel producers in China.

Since the late 1980S, a private stainless steel producer in China which focused on the production of stainless steel bar, pipe, narrow strip, and other products have risen gradually in some areas include Lanshi Foshan, Huzhou Zhejiang, Wenzhou, and Jiaxing……

At present, the private enterprise Qingshan Industry has become the world’s largest enterprise in terms of stainless steel production.

Since the mid-1990s, POSCO Steel, Krupp, Nisshin Steel, Allegheny Technologies, and other foreign companies, as well as Taiwan Yeelen, Formosa Plastics, Huaxin Lihua, and other Taiwan-invested enterprises, have actively invested in the stainless steel industry through joint ventures or a wholly-owned way in mainland China.

Three major technologies of the 20th century – off-furnace refining, continuous casting, and multi-roll cold rolling – are now applied in China’s stainless steel industry. Joly Special Steel, TISCO, Baosteel, Great Wall Special Steel, and other high-end Stainless steel producers in China are using a hot extrusion process. Qingshan Industrial developed nickel-iron, which have a great influence on the industry, and the integrated production process of stainless steel (RKEF + AOD duplex stainless steel smelting process) ……



Currently, China’s stainless steel crude steel production ranks first in the world, with a share of more than 50%, China’s stainless steel crude steel production reached more than 26 million tons in 2018.

China has become a net exporter of stainless steel. At present, China’s stainless steel varieties and specifications series have been completed.  A stainless steel producer in China can produce some special stainless steel such as ultra-thick, ultra-wide, ultra-thin plate and strip, oversized seamless pipe, welded pipe, high precision capillary tube, etc.

In terms of stainless steel grades, the total number of grades included in the national standard for heat-resistant stainless steel grades released in 2007 (GB/T20878-2007) reached 143 (excluding the 21 grades eliminated for the lag in technology). Among them, 18 ferritic grades, 38 martensitic grades, 66 austenitic grades, 11 duplex steel grades, 10 precipitation hardening grades. Also, many companies are developing new corporate standards or group standard grades ……

Future of Stainless Steel Producer in China

Chinese Stainless Steel Suppliers

The economic development of China and the rest of the world, as well as the desire of people around the world for a better life and the relentless pursuit of quality of life, have determined that stainless steel and special alloy materials will still have a very broad market space in the coming years. Through over 10 years-long efforts of stainless steel counterparts around the world,  stainless steel is gradually replacing some of the alternative products in many areas, including plain carbon steel products, aluminum alloys, reinforced plastics, and carbon fiber, etc.

Besides, the stainless steel people consume will be gradually upgraded to high-end products.

We forecast that 200 series stainless steel, especially low-quality stainless steel will gradually exit from the market.RKEF + AOD process will cause a great impact on the traditional stainless steel smelting process.  Global chromium and nickel resources are unevenly distributed.  Resources will be the key to the sustainable development of stainless steel enterprises.

A stainless steel producer in China needs to pay more attention to technology innovation, meeting the challenges in the future.

Stainless Steel Producer in China

State-owned Enterprise

Baosteel  Group operation, also known as Baosteel, is a typical state-owned stainless steel producer in China arising from Chinese reform and opening up.

Nowadays, Baosteel has become one of the most competitive companies not only in China, even in the world. By the end of 2014, Baosteel boasted 130,000 employees all over the world.

The products Baosteel focuses on include carbon steel, stainless steel, and special steel. Through the marketing network, their products not only be consumed by the domestic customers but also be exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.  For the excellent quality the products have,  they have been applied in many areas, including automobile, household appliances, petrochemical, machinery, energy, transportation, metalwork, aeronautics and

astronautics, nuclear power, and electronic instruments.

In terms of operating performance, Baosteel has ranked the first for a long time among the Stainless steel producer in China.

As for 2016, Baosteel has been on the Global 500 list for 13 consecutive years and ranked in 275th place.

“World Steel Industry Guide” evaluates Baosteel as one of the top three in the comprehensive competitiveness in the world steel industry, and considers it to be one of the steel enterprises with great potential.

Private Company


24 years have witness WJH from a newly-established company to a well-known and trustworthy stainless steel producer in China. Founded totally by private capital, WJH nowadays has a workforce of over 1500 employees.  Equipped with advanced machines and technology, Wanjiahong has such core products with high quality as stainless steel 201/304 decorative sheets, 201/304 stainless steel pipes, No.4&Hairline/Mirror 8K stainless steel coils. All of these high-quality products enable Wangjiahong to earn a reputation in both the Chinese and overseas markets.

As to creativity and innovation, 47 of Wangjiahong’s embossed products have applied for appearance patents. WJH can customize the products as the customers want.

Beihai Chengde Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

Beihai Chengde stainless steel Co., Ltd is a venture jointly invest by  Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Ports Group and Foshan Chengde Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Located in Linhai industry park, the manufacture covers an area of 50 acres and boasts more than 3700 employees.

It has an annual stainless steel output which is worth a turnover of 30 billion yuan, including 2.5 million tons of stainless steel slabs, 3 million tons of stainless steel hot-rolled coil, 1.8 million tons of stainless steel solid-solution coil, 1.2 million tons of stainless steel cold-rolled coil.

Beihai Chengde is the first enterprise in China that can cover the whole process from laterite nickel ore smelting to nickel-chromium alloy cold-rolling.  The technology and equipment are advanced enough, enabling the company to stand out both at home and abroad. Environment protection and energy-saving have met the international standard.

The stainless steel products the manufacturer produce, such as 200 & 300 series Austenilic Ni-Cr stainless steel, 400 series Ferritic stainless steel, and 400 series Martensitic stainless steel, meet not only the domestic industry specification(GB) but also international industry specification(ASTM, TIS, DIN, etc.).

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In this article,  we share some information about stainless steel producers in China according to the timeline. From the initial development to the future of stainless steel development, we can see the achievements stainless steel producer in China has achieved and the difficulties they need to face.

Also, we list three stainless steel producers in China, which are divided by state-owned enterprises and a private company, helping you to have a more clear knowledge of the Chinese stainless steel industry.

If still have other problems, contact us through email, we will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your reading.

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