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The embossed stainless steel coil is getting more and more popular on the market.

This is not surprising because of their beauty and benefits.

Read through the article and find more details of embossed stainless steel coils.

Before embossed stainless steel coil, what is the embossing process?

Metal embossing is a process used to produce a raised or depressed pattern or relief on a metal coil/plate.

Generally, the embossed patterns come into effect through matched male and female roller dies. Another method is a passing sheet or a strip of metal between rolls of the desired pattern. This often combines with foil stamping to create a shiny, and vivid 3D effect.

Know more about the embossing process on Wikipedia.

The market of embossed stainless steel coil

Embossed stainless steel coils, also known as “3D stainless steel coils” is a popular product recently.

They create a strong feeling of 3D effect with vivid patterns.

The global embossed stainless steel market is expected to grow over the next 5 years, according to a new study. Despite the Covid-19 effects on the global economy.

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The beauty and benefits of embossed stainless steel coils

Embossed stainless steel coils have many advantages. For example beautiful, durable, wear-resistant, strong decorative effect, good visual appearance, high quality.

They are also easy to clean, maintenance-free, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, no fingerprints.

Push the metal with an embossing tool or stylus to produce a raised effect on the other side. We put metal sheets on rubber or foam mats, and the surface of the front impression is smooth so that they can emit light or absorb pigment.

Moreover, they can decorate things like cans, lanterns, windows or doors. Some smaller pieces can also decorate greeting cards or scrapbooks. Embossing metal doesn’t require a lot of tools. You can try it.


Embossed stainless steel coils are not only unique but also eye-catching.

Relief improves the characters on the plate, making it unique compared with other similarities.


Stainless steel is probably one of the strongest metals. So you may get a durable and more solid board on its embossed surface.

The method of producing embossed stainless steel makes them not only attractive but also durable.

Once the metal is pressed and cooled, you will get a stronger and durable plate.

Easy to recognize

Want people to quickly notice you and recognize your brand? Embossed stainless steel plates will play an impressive role.

Through the unique raised design, people will get familiar with your product.

So, it gives them not only visual memory but also sensory memory.

If you want to install an embossed stainless steel plate on your car as a brand design, you will definitely get more advantages than other license plates.

Your information stays and remains in tough conditions

Another benefit of them is no ink to rub off or wear.

The reason is raised characters make information or design clear and readable even in challenging environments.

For example, your new employee accidentally painted your name brand. If this is an embossed stainless steel label, you can wash off the paint and the information still remains.

It also applies to rough, dirty work environments.

Like, when your labels are covered with dust or oil, they are not easy to read. This is where the embossed label really shines. The raised area makes your information stay and display.

In contrast, no other metal label process offers this benefit.


Moreover, stainless steel coils have better skid-resistant performance. If you’re outdoors, especially on ramps and walkways, these metals are a good choice. At the same time, it’s also a great opportunity to promote your brand.

Easy to work and process

Embossing can be a hard job compared to other types of metalwork.

However, the use of stainless steel makes it easier to make high quality, time tested marking and printing.

On the other hand, they don’t rust and are easier to cut, drill and bend. Therefore, it should not be difficult for your surface process to take different shapes.

Now that you have a deep understanding of the benefits of stainless steel embossing, it is not difficult to start your embossing work.

Flexible in customization and cost-effective

You can give your embossed stainless steel coils some unique elements.

For example, you can add a custom logo to a relief image design to get the original look.

Also, It creates an embossing module for static data (the same information on each tag). So, it makes mass production more economical.

For different information (variable data) on each, it is more cost-effective to use embossing. With variable data embossing machines, the setup process is very easy. And it requires no stamp to create, hence the lower cost in the long run.

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Why embossed stainless steel coil is better than the stamped ones

The good sides of stamps

The stamping process indent information into the stainless plate material with a manufacturing press to. And these indented characters/patterns are very durable. Also, it’s easy to read.

Similar to embossing, stamping has very high durability. They are also rated outdoor activities for more than 40 years. This is because they can withstand all the weather and harsh working conditions.

Due to the indented characters, dirt/oil can cover the design. This can make the plate difficult to read. And cleaning regularly is more disturbing than helping.

The downsides of stamps

For some processes, it doesn’t matter what your design is. You can have a million different labels, a million different barcodes, logos, text, etc.

But the case with stamping is not like that. There are limitations with customization when it comes to stamping. Of course, there are standard choices, such as material, shape, size. Besides, it should be noted that anything beyond the base number requires a custom stamp.

In fact, every new design requires a new stamp. In addition to making seals, a press or machine must be set up for production. However, both steps require time and money.

This makes variable data time-consuming, and the cost of tagging is high.

However, serializing data may be more appropriate. This is because a large number of orders are more suitable for serialization of data. And each tag has no big settings. This is good for mass production of a design.

Generally, the larger the order volume, the cheaper the price of each tag.


In short, relief produces raised characters on metal materials. But stamping makes them indent.

Raised characters add the benefit of legibility, even when covered with dust or paint. However, indented characters are more difficult to read in some cases.

Therefore, embossed labels are more cost-effective for orders that require variable data or smaller production runs. For large-scale production operations with static (consistent) information, imprinted labels are more cost-effective. So it depends on the size and specification of your order.

Both solutions are very durable and suitable for a variety of environments and situations. They live more than 40 years outdoors.

Besides, not every label is suitable for every industry. Not every material is suitable for various environments.

So, the best identification solution is the one that’s right for your application.

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DIY: How to make your own sample before the mass production of embossed stainless steel coil

Prepare the tools

Warnings to know

  • The cutting edge of the metal embossing plate is very sharp. Please be careful when handling to avoid scratching your hands.

Important tips for the work

  • If you are imprinting text or anything with a specific orientation, make sure to stamp the correct side of the sheet metal.
  • In the case of adding more colour to the relief, use permanent marks or some paint. For example, window paint.
  • You can emboss on both sides of the stainless steel sheet as this increases the contrast between the lines.
  • Also, you can use a stylus or relief tool to make other decorative marks, such as dots. In this case, all you need is pressing the tool down on the metal plate and lift it up. But, don’t drag the tool onto the metal as you did with embossing lines.

Make your embossed stainless sheet step by step

Transfer your design to the metal sheet.

  • Draw out your design on a piece of paper or print it out. It can be helpful to use a piece of paper that is the same size as your metal sheet.
  • Tape the edges of your stainless steel sheet with your template design, the paper you drew or printed. Place a piece of tape on all sides to ensure the page does not slip. This will ensure that your lines are true to the design.
  • Trace over the lines of your template design by the stylus. Use as little pressure as possible, so that you are not committed to high relief. And this requires care and attention, so keep the lines as close to the exact thing as possible.

Tape from the stainless steel sheet after removing the paper.

Deepen the lines on the metal sheet using the stylus to your preference. The harder you press, the deeper the line.

Fill in the lines with the embossing tool.

Again, more pressure brings more relief (negative from the side you’re working, positive from the opposite side).

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Which materials to choose for your embossed stainless steel coil?

Did you know there are many types of stainless steel on the market?

Like the type of 201, 304 and more. These are the grades of the stainless steel material.

And according to the applications in various situations, you might need to learn more about their difference.

Find out the information in the following articles:

Know more about the stainless steel grades.


In this article, we discussed the following aspects of embossed stainless steel coils:

  • What are they and how do they come into effect?
  • The bunch of advantages of them.
  • Why they are better than the traditional stamped stainless steel coils?
  • Method of making your own sample before mass production.

If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share people with more people. And keep up with the latest articles. You will learn more about the stainless steel industry.

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