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Introduction to embossed 8k stainless steel coil

Embossed 8k stainless steel coil replaces traditional stainless steel in many high-end occasions. Not only that, in many special applications, such as the medical industry, people also use this kind of stainless steel.

Moreover, after people process stainless steel, its performance will be much better than before.

Besides, people can also process the patterns and patterns that people like on stainless steel.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the following embossed 8k stainless steel coil.

embossed 8k stainless steel coil

What is an embossed stainless steel coil?

The embossed stainless steel coil is people who make a metal stamping process on the traditional stainless steel.

How to make it

People usually pass the metal sheet back and forth between rollers with the desired pattern. This creates a raised or recessed design or relief. In this process, people can change the design of the roller mold to produce other patterns. Generally, there are dozens of types of patterns. Moreover, one can repeat the process. Meanwhile, it will not change the thickness of the metal.


People usually call a 3D stainless steel sheet. This is a new concept of stainless steel plate. Moreover, its three-dimensional effect is very good.

Besides, people can also scroll and print many numbers, words, or symbols on cables, pipes, and other equipment.

Moreover, because people have carried out a very strict process on the embossed stainless steel plate, it can improve its quality and durability.

embossed 8k stainelss steel


Usually, people use high-quality metal to make embossed stainless steel. The commonly used material is stainless steel. It is flexible. Moreover, it can withstand medium or high production volumes. And it can maintain the same thickness during embossed.

Besides, it will not deform when heated.

What is 8k stainless steel coil

8K stainless steel is mirror stainless steel. It means its surface is as shiny as a mirror. Moreover, it can reflect light. Meanwhile, its reflectivity is very high.

People grind and polish the surface of stainless steel to produce 8K stainless steel.

Moreover, people can also make it into different colors.

Its corrosion resistance mainly depends on its alloy composition and internal structure. The 8 in 8k refers to the alloy composition ratio of it. Among them, for 304 stainless steel, it refers to the content of Ni.

Moreover, K refers to the reflectivity grade of the 8K stainless steel surface.

There are different grades of mirror stainless steel according to fineness. They are 6K, 10K, 12K. Among them, the higher their number, the higher the fineness of the mirror.

Moreover, 12K ultra-fine crystal panels meet optical applications.

Moreover, people can also color 8K stainless steel. This is the color mirror stainless steel. Moreover, its coating is not poisonous. Meanwhile, it not only satisfies the aesthetic needs, but its oxide film can also improve its performance.

Next,let’s understand it in detail.

8k stainless steel

Colored 8k stainless steel

People make a transparent oxide film on stainless steel. And there is interference that occurs on the surface of stainless steel.

For the stainless steel color, it depends on the thickness of the oxide film.

Moreover, when the situation of climate changes, such as change of air humidity, the oxide film will also change. So, its color will change. That conduct amazing decorative effects.

Generally speaking, each thickness of the film correspond with a typical color. So, it is the basic color of the mirror 8K color stainless steel. When the water on the surface drys, the stainless steel will return its basic color.


Its advantages are not only its decorative effect, but also its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and scrub resistance are much better than ordinary stainless steel.

Moreover, it has anti-aging properties. In other words, when exposed to rain or sunlight for a long time, it will not age.

Besides, even in chemical places, humid areas, and marine climates, its aging resistance is much better than ordinary stainless steel.

Therefore, it has almost become a substitute for ordinary stainless steel. Moreover, it has entered all industries that use stainless steel.

What is an embossed 8k stainless steel coil?

Embossed 8k stainless steel is that people do 8k and embossing treatment on the stainless steel surface.

In other words, people do 8K mirror treatment on the stainless steel surface. Then, people do metal stamping on this 8K mirror stainless steel. The method of stamping is the same as above.

In this way, people can make the patterns they want on the mirror 8K stainless steel.

Moreover, because people can color the mirror surface of 8K stainless steel, it can also have the effect of colored embossed 8K stainless steel.

Next, let’s take a look at its types.

Types of embossed 8k stainless coil surface

The main types of embossed mirror 8K stainless steel are their patterns. Therefore, people use different molds.

Meanwhile, for different patterns, the required process difficulty is also different.

Common patterns

Then, the commonly used patterns in the stainless steel industry are:

  1. Pear descent board
  2. Small squares pattern
  3. Rhombus check pattern
  4. Twill pattern
  5. Sanding pattern
  6. Cube pattern
  7. Small diamond pattern
  8. Large ellipse pattern
  9. Color circle pattern
  10. European pattern
  11. Large drops of the water pattern
  12. Mosaic pattern
types of pattern

Chinese style patterns

Moreover, some Chinese style patterns are also very common:

  1. Panda pattern: This is a Chinesenational treasure animal pattern
  2. Wanzi Flower: This pattern usually has religious significance
  3. Wanfu Linen: This is a very auspicious meaning in China. It represents all good luck will come.
  4. Ruyi clouds: This is a pattern that has passed down for thousands of years in China. The cloud pattern shows that everything that people do can meet their wishes.
  5. Dielianhua: This pattern represents romance and beauty. It is very popular in China.
  6. Weaving bamboo pattern: Bamboo has always had a very important position in Chinese culture. It represents a person’s integrity and good conduct. Therefore, people also use this pattern for decoration in many places such as stainless steel.
  7. Chrysanthemum pattern: In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum usually represents a person’s pure character and will not change by the tendency of society and maintain his noble character.
  8. Yuan Bao: Yuan Bao is the ancient Chinese currency. People usually use this pattern to express the blessing of making money.
  9. Antique square pattern

The surface of stainless steel is similar to other materials

In addition, people can also make stainless steel into a surface similar to other materials.

  1. Linen embossed mirror 8k stainless steel coil: It is similar to linen. Moreover, its texture looks very even.
  2. Stone grain pattern: This treatment can make the stainless steel plate look like a stone slab.
  3. Woodgrain: This surface not only has the appearance of wood but also can make the product have more performance. Therefore, people can use the product on more occasions than wooden products.


  1. First of all, the pattern on the embossed mirror 8K stainless steel coil is not only beautiful but also symbolic. For example, people can write text on the mirror surface of 8k stainless steel. In this way, the product can be made more unique. Moreover, if people want to promote a new brand or want people to remember their brand. It is a good choice to write on embossed mirror 8K stainless steel.
  2. Moreover, they are very durable. Stainless steel is a very strong material. Moreover, people made it into embossed mirror 8K stainless steel to further increase its performance. Therefore, it is very durable.
  3. In addition, its lines and patterns can increase the surface area of stainless steel. This can improve traction. Moreover, the increased surface area makes it perform better in heat transfer and acoustic applications.
  4. And then, it can also slip-resistant. Embossed mirror 8K stainless steel has good slip resistance. Moreover, this improves the safety of the product. Therefore, people often use it on ramps, sidewalks and other occasions.
  5. People do embossing treatment on stainless steel, which not only makes it look better but also disperses liquid more effectively. Moreover, this reduces friction and static electricity. Therefore, it is scratch resistant. Meanwhile, people will not leave fingerprints during use.
  6. Because it is durable, wear-resistant, anti-static, and anti-aging. Therefore, people do not need to maintain it.

In general, embossed mirror 8K stainless steel coil has novel patterns and good decorative effects.

Moreover, it is durable and wear-resistant. For outdoor environments, its safety is also very good.


On the market, embossed mirror 8k stainless steel is widely used in various fields. Moreover, its key is its good appearance and function.

First, embossed mirror 8k stainless steel is usually more common in the following applications:

  1. Exterior wall cladding, roofs, doors, commercial and residential kitchens, screens, cabinets
  2. Signage, bridge cladding. Especially in areas with heavy traffic.
  3. Bus, train, car decoration.
  4. Food processing equipment

Public furniture, car decoration parts, and construction products.

And then,let’s see some applications in aesthetics:

Stair treads, elevator panels, garage door panels, metal office furniture, car decoration, and construction products, crafts.



With the development of society, traditional stainless steel can no longer meet people’s needs in terms of performance and appearance. Therefore, people have made embossed stainless steel coils.

Embossed 8K stainless steel is that people do 8K and embossing treatment on the stainless steel surface.

Moreover, its type also mainly depends on their different patterns.

In the Chinese market, in addition to some common patterns, there are many Chinese style patterns. Such as the panda pattern and wishful pattern. Moreover, they all have good meanings. Therefore, people like products made from embossed stainless steel.

In addition to its beautiful and unique appearance, the embossed stainless steel coil has many other advantages.

For example, people can print their own brand’s logo or other logos on embossed stainless steel products. In this way, people will have a deep impression of this brand. Therefore, it is a great advantage for brand promotion.

As for its performance, it is more durable than traditional stainless steel.

Its lines and patterns can increase the surface area of stainless steel. This can improve traction. Moreover, the increased surface area makes it perform better in heat transfer and acoustic applications.

Besides, it has good slip resistance. This improves the safety of the product.

Therefore, combining the above factors, it has become a substitute for ordinary stainless steel.

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