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At present, the domestic stainless steel formed two supergiants, respectively, in the north of the Taigang stainless steel and the south of the Qingshan Group, the two stainless steel giants were formed in the north and south of the opposition, but also the state-owned steel and private giant contest on behalf of the enterprise. In recent years, the rapid development of the stainless steel suppliers in China, not only let us see the rapid rise of private steel mills can directly contend with the original mainstream of the five mainstream steel mills (TISCO, Baosteel, Jiusteel, Zhangpu, Lianyong) but also in the country has slowly formed a cluster of stainless steel suppliers in China.

In recent years, stainless steel suppliers in China have maintained a high growth rate, from 14.091 million tons in 2011 to 26.7068 million tons in 2018, stainless steel suppliers in China accounted for a large proportion of the world, become a stainless steel production country. Stainless steel suppliers in China are expected to account for more than 50% of the global stainless steel in 2019 and will last for a long time.  The production of stainless steel suppliers in China growth is likely to narrow to around 6 percent from 2019 to 2021, mainly due to the ongoing trade war and possible adjustments to global and China’s GDP. Although these stainless steel factors will affect the consumption of stainless steel suppliers in China, the overall growth trend of stainless steel suppliers in China remains unchanged.

Stainless steel suppliers in China have formed eight clusters, respectively Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanxi, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi stainless steel supplier cluster.

For the stainless steel suppliers in China,Stainless steel pipe is a hollow long round steel, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical, food, light industry, machinery and instrumentation and other industrial transportation pipelines and mechanical structural parts. In addition, when the bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is lighter, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. It is also often used as furniture and kitchen utensils.


Jiangsu has one of the largest stainless steel suppliers in China — the Wuxi stainless steel market, covering the whole Yangtze River Delta and the Yangtze River Basin. The market hinterland is huge, surrounded by provinces and cities with huge consumption of stainless steel suppliers in China– Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, and so on. Jiangsu stainless steel products are rich, the market logistics system is developed, there is a common regional brand. Among them, Jiangsu DeLong has a considerable cost advantage, is the largest stainless steel supplier enterprise in Jiangsu. At the same time, three cities and seven towns in Jiangsu Province have formed a stainless steel supplier manufacturing center with “China • Dainan” as the unified brand, striving to build a stainless steel aircraft carrier with an annual sales volume of 100 billion yuan.

From the recent northern Jiangsu and Shandong region stainless steel enterprises in the latest developments, let the industry quietly wake up to, the cluster of stainless steel suppliers in China is quietly forming, especially the region’s landmark leadership enterprise Jiangsu Delong put into production, more laid the influence of the cluster of stainless steel suppliers in China. The fourth cluster of stainless steel suppliers in China is concentrated in Jiangsu and Shandong, two economically strong provinces, with good stainless steel consumer groups.

Jiangsu Delong will produce 120,000 tons of billets in March, which will further affect the market. After Jiangsu Delong put into production at the end of last year, it began to increase production in succession this year. The output of 80,000 tons in January, 98,000 tons in February, and 120,000 tons in March are planned. Jiangsu Delong has a considerable cost advantage, it is the current Guangqing material’s biggest competitor.

According to the current RKEF process nickel-iron raw material production capacity of Delon, the monthly production of high nickel-iron can basically meet the 120,000 tons of 304 stainless steel production. It is understood that Delong has stopped selling high – nickel-iron products, and began to sell stainless steel slab.

The 15 new production lines in the later period have been basically completed and are expected to be put into production in April this year, by which time the annual production capacity of stainless steel can reach 2 million tons/year. Jiangsu Delong has a considerable cost advantage, and in the later increase of 15 production lines completed, the competitive advantage in the field of 304 stainless steel will be more obvious, 2016 Delong will be a nickel-iron raw material manufacturer to achieve a magnificent turn, leaping into the ranks of large stainless steel suppliers in China.


The rise of the Qingshan group has led to the rapid development of the stainless steel supplier industry in Fujian. Founded in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province in the 1990s, Qingshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has grown from a supplier to a multinational group with more than 100 subsidiaries, including Qingshan Holdings, Shanghai Dingxin, and Qingtuo Group, in the development history of stainless steel suppliers in China and smelting for more than 20 years.

With the start of the shipment of stainless steel plates from the Indonesian plant of Aoyama Steel, the cooperation between Aoyama Steel and Allegheny Technologies Inc. in the United States to produce and sell stainless steel plates in North America has been implemented. The Indian project of Castle Peak Iron & Steel is advancing rapidly, and the rudiment of the world stainless steel map of Castle Peak Iron & Steel has been basically presented.

With nearly 10 million tons of stainless steel production capacity, the rapid development of Qingshan Iron and Steel has a huge impact on China and the world’s stainless steel supplier enterprises. Technological innovation continues to promote the development of Qingshan Iron and Steel, around the supply of raw materials, production efficiency improvement, production cost compression is the core of Qingshan Iron and Steel to technology, cost leading advantage to fight for the industry “dominance”.

From the point of stainless steel suppliers in China, Fujian has been the largest domestic stainless steel supplier industry cluster. Fujian has built a comprehensive stainless steel new material industrial park integrating nickel-iron processing, stainless steel smelting, hot rolling of the bar, hot and cold rolling of sheet metal, and shipping logistics terminal.


Shanxi has the strongest stainless steel supplier export base – Taiyuan stainless steel industrial park. Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park is located in the central region of China, with the geographical advantages of connecting the east with the west, connecting the north and the south, undertaking the gradient transfer of coastal industries, and radiating to the whole country. The cluster includes Taiyuan Stainless Steel Industrial Park and Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

Taiyuan stainless steel deep processing industry cluster is one of the most important. Rely on tailgating groups, on the one hand, adhere to the high-quality goods + brand route, the target of the ultra-supercritical power station has not yet been breakthrough with G115 martensite heat-resistant steel, low-temperature toughness structural steel plate used in ocean engineering, an automobile with the strategy of 40 varieties, such as high-end steel address strategic emerging industry development in our country the problems of material “their”; On the other hand, based on the existing advantages of TISCO hand-ripping steel and pen tip steel, the company has laid out mobile phone flexible screens, automobile exhaust pipes, ball-point pen heads, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and other downstream industries to create a world-class stainless steel supplier industry base.


Shandong has the largest iron ore port – Rizhao Port, which is also the nickel-iron raw material production base, raw material advantage is obvious. From the point of geographical location, Shandong is located in the East China region, north and south through the radiation of East China and North China stainless steel consumption market. Shandong Port Rizhao Port has 200,000-ton ore berths and 300,000-ton large specialized ore berths, with an annual unloading capacity of more than 100 million tons. It is one of the ports with the largest unloading capacity and berthing capacity of ore system in China and even in the world. Its foreign trade volume of iron ore ranks at the top of China’s coastal ports.

Foshan WanJiaHong Stainless Steel Group

Shandong Iron and Steel Group and Rizhao Iron and Steel Group set up factories close to the port area, and their demand for iron ore is increasing year by year. The adjustment of the layout of the 400,000-ton iron ore ship terminal is of great significance for the transformation and upgrading of Shandong Port Rizhao Port and better service for the development of the port industry. At the same time, Shandong stainless steel kitchen manufacturing categories are complete, with certain advantages in stainless steel suppliers in China.


Zhejiang has a large number of private stainless steel supplier enterprises and a relatively perfect industrial chain. The terminal industry in Zhejiang takes the largest proportion to the products and kitchen and bathroom industry, whose materials are mainly applied by cold rolling.

The consumption demand of stainless steel accounts for about 15% of the country, and the resources mainly come from private stainless steel suppliers in Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Zhejiang. From the stainless steel guardrail in front of the Forbidden City to the oil and gas pipelines in the construction of the city, and then to the auto parts of every household, there are stainless steel pipes made from Songyang. Songyang stainless steel seamless pipe from scratch, to reach the current annual output of 300,000 tons, output value of more than 6 billion yuan of volume, the output occupies 1/3 of the status of the country. Baofeng Steel Group Co., Ltd., located in Songyang, produces products that are widely sold in more than 50 countries and regions.

This is just a microcosm of the development of the Songyang stainless steel tube industry. Since 2004 began to cultivate, after 16 years of unremitting efforts, now Songyang stainless steel pipe industry system is complete, the main products reached more than 200 kinds, has become “national stainless steel pipe industry quality improvement demonstration area”, ” the development of stainless steel suppliers in China outstanding contribution unit”, “Zhejiang Province stainless steel pipe industry base”. At present, the county has a total of 53 stainless steel supplier enterprises, 46 enterprises on the plan. In 2019, stainless steel enterprises on the production of 284,000 tons, the output value of 6.173 billion yuan, accounting for 42.2% of the county’s total industrial output value, solve more than 7,000 jobs.


China’s first economically strong province Guangdong is the largest consumer of stainless steel suppliers in China, Guangdong stainless steel consumption can account for the basic domestic stainless steel consumption of 42%. At present, Yangjiang’s stainless steel production capacity reaches 2 million tons, is the largest high-end cluster of stainless steel suppliers in China, is one of the most potential industrial clusters in Guangdong Province. Next, Yangjiang City will strive to build a high-end stainless steel supplier industry cluster area with an annual output of over 100 billion yuan by 2020.

In addition, Guangdong Foshan Lanshi stainless steel supplier industry cluster annual output of more than 2 million tons, annual throughput accounts for more than one-third of the country, is the country’s largest stainless steel supplier products distribution center; Jiangmen Xinhui area, mainly stainless steel hardware products processing industry, there are more than 800 stainless steel processing enterprises, the annual output value of 11.5 billion yuan; Chaoan Caitang area, the hometown of stainless steel suppliers in China, has 1,000 enterprises with an annual output value of 4.5 billion yuan; Yunfu emerging area, China’s top western tableware export base, there are more than 80 enterprises, annual output value of 4.3 billion yuan, annual stainless steel production capacity of 100,000 tons.

Guangdong province is the gathering place of China’s manufacturing and circulation industry. The annual consumption of stainless steel is the largest region in China, and it also has the largest industrial group of stainless steel suppliers in China. The output of stainless steel supplier daily products ranks first in the country, and the infrastructure is perfect. Guangdong stainless steel decorative pipe, stainless steel decorative plate, stainless steel kitchen utensils, stainless steel home, and other products occupy a pivotal market position in the country. But at present, we are faced with the problems of sales channels to be optimized, product quality upgrading and innovation, counterfeit Guangdong brand, and origin of products from outside the province.

Foshan Shunde Wanjiahong Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd., formerly known as Foshan Wanjia Stainless Steel Factory; The factory is located in the national famous stainless steel production base – Foshan City, Guangdong Province, is a collection of production, research and development and sales in one of the large-scale stainless steel production suppliers.

After more than 10 years of development, the company has professional, rich experience in stainless steel production, with advanced stainless steel shear leveling equipment 2 groups; 2 titanium processing furnaces; Surface processing set more than 20 groups; The production capacity is more than 8000 tons/month, which is second to none in the industry.

We produce 304, 201, 430 stainless steel series, 8Ktitanium, titanium black, snow sand, sand surface, etched plate, and other series products, complete varieties, high quality, and low price. In recent years, the company continues to increase investment, expansion of productivity, large-scale stainless steel pipe projects have been successfully put production; Production of stainless steel pipes adopts the latest production technology and advanced production equipment, stainless steel pipe in precision and technique level in the peer forefront, specializing in the production of high-quality stainless steel round tubes, square tubes, rectangular pipe, embossed pipe, threaded pipe, and other products with fine workmanship, good flexibility, and luster, good, beautiful, strong, durable, etc.

In stainless steel factory in China,Mirror Gold 8K Stainless Steel Sheet has become a trend that 8K mirror panel is widely used in the consumer market, because its appearance performance is much longer than that of coated low carbon steel, and it has higher recycling value after long-term use, low life cycle cost and obvious cost-effectiveness.


From 2013, the technological revolution ushered in the era of rapid expansion of the second production capacity of stainless steel suppliers in China. With the cost advantage of RKEF nickel-iron smelting technology and integrated steel-making process, the private giant Beihai Chengde has rapidly expanded its production capacity and created a super stainless steel supplier industry cluster in Guangxi. Concentrated in Beihai, Wuzhou, and other places. Guangxi’s stainless steel cluster is not only close to the market of stainless steel suppliers in China- Foshan stainless steel market, but also close to the Guangdong market end, the main steel mills include Beihai Chengde, Guangxi Binhai, Yulin Chongjin, etc. In recent years, Wuzhou based on the “East melting” strategy, take the initiative to connect with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, actively undertake the eastern stainless steel supplier transfer, promote the stainless steel supplier industry to the direction of deep processing extension, build Wuzhou stainless steel industry cluster base, Wuzhou stainless steel supplier industry into the fast track of high-quality development.

Connected article: http://www.gxzf.gov.cn/mlgxi/gxjj/xjjjd/t7064102.shtml

At present, the city’s stainless steel supplier products industrial park has developed into one of the national stainless steel industry bases, with stainless steel smelting as the core and complete upstream and downstream production processes, forming a production capacity of nearly 1.5 million tons of stainless steel billets. The park has more than 20 stainless steel upstream and downstream enterprises and supporting enterprises, including 5 waste stainless steel supplier resource recycling and recycling companies with a large number of recycling sites in the country, the annual recycling and utilization of waste stainless steel up to 1 million tons. The enterprises in the park also directly employed nearly 3,000 people and indirectly helped tens of thousands of people in the surrounding areas to start businesses and find jobs.


Nowadays,  the stainless steel suppliers in China production capacity accounts for more than 50% of the global capacity, the industry concentration is high, by the end of 2019, the top ten stainless steel suppliers in China accounted for as high as 81.08%, the overall competition is more intense, and with the future of the new steelmaking capacity centralized release, the industry concentration of stainless steel suppliers in China will further improve.

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